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The restaurant “ Pod Orlem”-it specializes In Polish cusine but European dishes are also served. If you are looking for great food in a relaxed place look no further.  Our restaurant surpasses your expectations in quality, taste and service.


Our indispensable Chef will satisfy even the most demanding palate!
The Eagle Restaurant is the perfect place for a family dinner, lunch or business meetings.
You can book and rent the restaurant for various circumstances, such as:
  • receptions (communions, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.),
  • weddings,
  • baptisms,
  • training
  • conferences,
  • business meetings,
  • Annual New Year's Eve balls, and St. Andrew's carnival.
The restaurant can accommodate about 40 people. It is therefore ideal for small, intimate events and meetings.
For more events visit our Banquet Hall, which can accommodate 170 people!

Menu of our Restaurant

Cold starters

Traditional sirloin tartare seasoned with fresh pepper (23 PLN)

Carpaccio of Baltic Herring served with rucola and tomato salad (19 PLN)

Pink duck breast served with raspberry sauce (19 PLN)

Hot starters

Roast shrimps with parsley and pepperoni served on toasts with garlic sauce (36 PLN)

Vegetable-potato deep-fried drop scones  with mushrooms in cream (19 PLN)

Camembert cheese fried golden in butter served on cranberries mousse (17 PLN)


Greek salad with delicate feta cheese and tender onion (19 PLN)

Asparagus and Serrano ham salad with yogurt dressing (21 PLN)

Cezar salad with spicy chicken breast and Parmesan flakes (21 PLN)


Sour rye soup served with white sausage, bacon and boiled egg infused with porcini mushrooms (10 PLN)

Traditional soup of Kartuzy with mushrooms, meat and bacon (10 PLN)

Ukrainian borsch (10 PLN)

Velvet pumpkin cream soup served with a spoon of cream (9  PLN)

Fish dishes

Brown breaded cod fried in clarified butter served with boiled potatoes and paradise salad bouquet (32 PLN)

Salmon fillet steamed with asparagus served with boletus mushroom sauce (35 PLN)

Grilled halibut medallions wrapped with bacon plated on rosemary springs served with vegetables and roasted potatoes (36 PLN)

Trout stuffed with new  potatoes served  with vegetable pancakes and herbal sauce (34 PLN)

Poultry dishes

Traditional coutlet De Volaille with potatoes and vegetables (19 PLN)

Turkey loin stuffed with vegetables served with roast potatoes, mixed salad leaves and cheese sauce (23 PLN)

Half of roast duck served with apples, pan fried potatoes and cherry sauce (38 PLN)

Grilled chicken breast served with marvellous salad bouquet and new potatoes (23 PLN)

Goose roulade stuffed with bay bolete mushrooms served with couscous and red cabbage salad (29 PLN)

Bacon wrapped goose breast  served with vegetable fritters and fresh cranberry sauce (32 PLN)

Pork dishes

Veal pork served with new potatoes and mushroom sauce (33 PLN)

Bone-in pork chop served with fried cabbage and chips (19 PLN)

Roasted pork ham with bay bolete mushroom sauce served with boiled potatoes and salad bouquet (21 PLN)

Game and beef dishes

Boar tenderloin served with honey beetroots,  potatoe, with rosemary and low-salt cucumber sauce (38 PLN)

“Forester’s”venison haunch served with vegetables, new potatoes and sauce (39 PLN)

Sirloin steak with vegetables, roast potatoes and pepper sauce (46 PLN)


Spaghetti napoli with parmesan cheese and parsley (17 PLN)

Tagliatelle with boletus served with cream sauce (21)

Forester’s  Wife dumplings stuffed with locally picked mushrooms (19 PLN)                                                                            

Forrester’s dumplings stuffed with braised venison infused with juniper and buffalo grass vodka (21 PLN)

 “Russian” dumplings-- filled with cheese-potato stuffing (19 PLN)

Platter of dumplings mix (29 PLN)


Pancakes with apples and cinnamon with vanilla ice cream (13 PLN)

Hot apple pie with ice-cream scoop (12 PLN)

Local cheesecake (10 PLN)